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Jayasurya Aasaithambi is a Developer & Speaker

Jayasurya Aasaithambi | Thathuva Thanthai

Jayasurya Aasaithambi is the CEO of Imagination Rex Studio, a social media marketing company and the active Senior Game Developer of Codeneuron Technologies, a technology company creating products and experiences that have a lasting impact.

In his teens, Jay started designing and developing games. He has mentored over 70 students to build their dream game. Jay is an energetic and curious young man who loves to explore new tech. He throws out valuable wisdom under the name @thathuvathanthai on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

He believes that having a reason and purpose behind that goal is as important as having a goal. The reason and purpose will drive us to achieve our goals breaking all odds. He always says,

“When you know what’s your Why? for your goal. You will find How? and What? needed to achieve it.”

What I Do

“Live Your Dreams” a two day workshop which will give you the confidence, energy and belief that you can achieve your dreams.

“Dream Game” a two day workshop which will cover the basics of Unity to Design, Develop and publish your own game.

“Become a Brand” is a two day workshop that helps you create a brand using social media marketing.

Jayasurya’s high on Energy, Engaging and Impactful Sessions have always spelled Dramatic and Tangible results for schools/colleges enabling their students to reach the Pinnacle of Success!

Imagination Rex Studio is a full service social media agency that can help you and your brand reach greater hight.



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